Last year I challenged myself to watch one horror movie every day in October, and I succeeded. I’m fresh off a two-day stay at the Stanley Hotel, which inspired Stephen King to write The Shining, so I’m in full-on on horror movie mode right now, and seeing as how I thoroughly enjoyed my first take on theĀ challenge I’m going to repeat it this year! We are still on vacation and just now I went to watch something on Netflix on my laptop in our hotel room, but the true horror is that Netflix is currently down. AGH!! Hopefully they will get it back up and running again soon. My plan is to kick off the month with The Houses October Built, which was one of my early October horror picks last year. I thought it was surprisingly inventive and creepy, so it definitely bears a re-watch.


Stay tuned for an update with the full list of movies I’ve watched onceĀ the challenge has ended!